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While dooing a job in Raleigh, NC we entered a hail storm that was relentless. When the storm rolls in, you don’t know what to expect. As you scramble to store patio furniture quickly, you hear the all-too-familiar tick-tick-tick on your roof as hail begins to fall. You rush to put your automobiles in the garage and wait out the storm. As the nation experiences more severe storms with greater intensity, hail is becoming an even bigger problem for homeowners.

The damage hail can do to your roof can be much more than just superficial. In truth, hail storms can significantly affect your roof’s ability to do its job. After a hail storm, the best thing to do in order to assure the viability of your roof is give us a call for a free estimate. We provide a full-range of both residential and commercial hail damage roof repair services. Our experts are ready to thoroughly inspect your roof and help you with the process from the initial inspection all the way through dealing with the insurance company.

Here are a few things to consider when hail strikes your neighborhood:

How to Assess Hail Damage

Be sure to document the hail storm if you can. Recent hail storms in Raleigh left many homes damaged. Quickly record a video (if it’s safe) of the hailstones and the directions in which they fall. Take additional photos of the hailstones, using a common object like a quarter as a size reference.

After the storm passes, look around for signs of roof damage. This includes things like shingles blown from the roof into the yard, missing flashing, and visible black marks on the shingles.

During the next hours and days, be on the look-out for asphalt granules coming out of your gutters.

Be Proactive

  • If you notice any of the above signs of hail damage, call us for a thorough inspection.
  • Do not get up on the roof yourself. Our professionals know what to look for when assessing the extent of damage to your roof. Our professionals know what to look for on all types of roofs. We have experience with everything from asphalt shingles to shake roofs to metal roofs.
  • While you may believe your roof can handle a hailstorm, it can actually do damage that may not be apparent like hail coming into your home, but there are other things that could be compromising the foundation of your roof and your overall coverage.

Insurance Claims

Most insurance policies cover hail damage. Be sure to check your policy for coverages and deductibles.

  • A full replacement may be needed if you have excessive damage to your roof. Sometimes you can get a whole new roof for the cost of the deductible.
  • You must submit your claim in a timely fashion. Call us immediately after a storm, and we can help you with all aspects of an insurance claim, so you don’t miss important deadlines!
  • We work with insurance companies every day, and we know how to talk to them and save you the frustration of dealing with them. Let us handle it for you!

If your home has been hit by a hail storm, contact Authentic Restoration, customer-service focused hail damage repair roof services. We are ready to serve you!

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